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 [Your Processing Partner*] 

* Non—spooky coaching for new managers trying to fit that role into their lives, not the other way around.

What a Processing Partner Does

Stuck might be how life feels at times, but nobody wants to only get unstuck.

We want to feel confident, either about the direction we're moving or about accepting where we are now.

🔥 Sometimes, we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be for now. 

Working with a coach can help sort the details. But what the actual heck is a coach?

Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

~International Coaching Federation
This short video answers many of the questions people have about this:

Think: Second brain for what’s making you feel stuck.

🧠 + 🧠 = 😌

What we’ll do

We talk

It’s almost that simple. There’s a process, but will often feel like we’re just talking about you. It’s easier to start with what we won’t do.

We won’t...

⛔️ Delve into your psyche
⛔️ Uncover traumas
⛔️ Fix you

We will...

✅ Uncover what is true now
✅ Acknowledge your assets
✅ Sort out what makes sense to do next for you

It flows from there. There is work, but you are the dictator of the pace and weight of that work. You’re in charge, but expect me to push you.

Because I will. 

What they’re saying

“Damon is a skilled professional coach that really takes the time to understand the obstacles that a person may be confronting. His superb active listening skills and empathetic approach make it very easy for a person that speaks with him and opens up. I would highly recommend Damon as a coach!” -Brian

“Damon is damn good at listening without judgment. My 90 minutes with him may be the first time I ever felt heard without judgment or expectation.” -Meg

“On meeting Damon, I immediately felt at ease. His calm manner naturally encouraged our conversation. I expected him to fire questions at me left, right, and center, but rather, he led me through a discussion guided by my own intentions.“ -Kevin

My credentials

✓ Peer Counseler ‘91   Mounds Park Academy
✓ BA ‘97 |  Viterbo University
✓ Leadership Coaching Team ‘02  |  24 Hour Fitness
✓ Core Essentials  |  CoachU
✓ ACC Candidate 2023  |  ICF

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