Internal Drivers

Updated: February 2023 (Replaced Core Values page)

Core to who we are, our internal drivers* are the source code behind our values and life purpose. Whereas our values can upend over the years, and our purpose can evolve, our internal drivers have been powering us from our earliest moments of awareness.

Knowing them can better inform our values, but more importantly, can also help us divine our purpose. 

This is what I’ve found true about my internal drivers:


While I would lobby that true agency is an illusion, the human freedom to do as we please has been a driver from an early age for me.


Distinct from the stridency of achievement, accomplishment captures my unstoppable desire to do. This is a true driver as it’s not one I’d prefer to have, but here we are.


Since an early age, I have noticed the desire to wake up to what is real. For a time, that manifested in a desire to experience altered states as if they promised me everything I needed to know about what is true. These days, I find the technicolor mundaneness of life to be enough.


This one has its downsides, but has been with me since I figured how much suffering living with disorganization caused me.


My nature is inherently curious, most easily influenced by novelty, but accessible at any time when I’m mindful enough. The unknown doesn’t scare me, it draws me closer.  


My nature has been inquisitive since I was old enough to ask questions. Children ask questions, but I’ve never stopped trying to understand as much as I can like I’ve been accumulating knowledge.


Storytelling, creating, building, and learning. If I want it, I might as well make it since I’m going to make something anyway. This is what I would do when there was nothing to do. I make things.


To a fault, my mind works on solving many challenges at once, whether I like it or not. This driver feeds into accomplishment

*This concept of internal drivers and the process of discovery were both taught to me by one of my coaches, Maureen Miller. 🙏


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